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    Considering Getting Back In The Game

    Well, I'm pondering getting back into the PWC game. I bid my last ski farewell a little over two years ago. I loved the ski (mildly modded '03 GPR, best speed of 73.6 on the GPS) and have missed it since I sold it. However, I was getting married and had to reprioritize.
    Fast forward to the present day: I've settled into married life, we've got our 2 kids, and I'm really feeling the itch to get back on the water. This isn't a decision I'm taking lightly as I don't throw that kind of money around without thinking it through (and getting approval from my wife ).

    I want a three seater for family purposes, but I also want something that could deliver performance close to that of my old ski. This leads me to believe that the RXT-X is where I need to be looking.

    My first question therefore is this: What do I need to look out for with these skis? I've done a search for "RXT recall", "RXT service bulletin", and "RXT technical bulletin" but I'm not coming up with much. Do certain model years have more problems? I've seen people posting about hull failures in the pump area (a problem I remember from my GPR days) as well problems with the carbon seal (which is part of the driveline is I understand correctly).
    Please educate me. I'm all ears.

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    i have an 08 RXTX with a strengthened hull and 50 hours....i've heard of washers in the SC exploding...but that has not happened to me....honestly to tell you the truth i have not had much problems besides a starter solenoid....and that was replaced under warranty..and the mother$#%*ing hood shock keeps popping off. i think they are awesome ski's and i would by another one....just cover your ass and get the extended warranty.... you know it just takes a few low dollar mods to make these things a reliable piece of equipment...good luck and hopefully i can welcome you to the TX family....

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    Hi, I bought a NIB 2008 rxt215, and love it. The hood piston has a recall. I brought mine in for the 10 hr ck-up and the dealer moved the bottom mount over about a quarter of an inch. I did get the 5yr warrenty also. I have 19 hrs now and just wish the weather would warm up... bob

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    Do the 2009 models have the same problem with hull weakness around the pump as the 2008's? Is it something that Sea Doo is repairing via a recall or service bulletin or are they just letting the hulls fail?

    Even with hull issues, I would still lean heavily toward a T-X.

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    welcome to the forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX951 View Post
    welcome to the forum

    I remember you and Hulk from the Riva forums several years back.

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    i've heard of some dealers taking the initiative to repair the pump tunnels....i think it's a dealer by dealer kinda thing....i haven't heard of BRP doing anything to fix it or prevent doesn't cost that much to reinforce it...

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    Welcome to the forum.. Most of the bugs you'll read about on these ski's have been worked out minus the pump tunnel thing but if I was a betting man I'd bet in 2010 the Tunnel will misteriously be reinforced

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    So, if I have the option it would be to my benefit to pick up an '09 instead of an '08 to take advantage of the refinements BRP made after the first model year?

    I'm really wanting to go with a 3-seater, but a deal on an RXP-X has popped up that has really peaked my interest. One of my father-in-law's business clients is a Sea Doo dealer. He has offered to let me purchase an '08 RXP-X demo model (has 8 hours on it I believe) for $9,200. $500 would get me the extended warranty and $500 more would get me a trailer.

    My wife agrees that it is a good deal but says that now is not the time for us to make a purchase like that (we are in the process of moving the construction loan on our new house over to a conventional mortgage). Still, it sure seems like a good deal...

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    Further update:
    Today my wife made the comment "If we can get the mortgage finished up, you can buy one." I think I plan on holding her to it. I really wanted the T-X for family reasons, but in light of pump tunnel issues and such, I think I might go with the P-X. I gotta call that guy tomorrow and see if that deal is still on the table.

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