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    Weeds Trashed My Piston

    Also posted this on PWC. Want your opinions as well.

    97 GTX. Long story short. Buddy ran it into weed bed. Kept driving for 1 hour full of weeds. Got it home and it did not sound right. Compression check showed 120 PTO, 135 MAG (both were 145 beginning of summer). Took head off and PTO cylinder walls showed some scrathes, and scouring. Piston skirt has some notable blow by and scrathes. Question is what is the best way to fix this and can I still ride it for the rest of the season or should I attempt to fix this PITA ASAP to avoind complete engine damage and risk damaging the crank? Max RPM is still 6,800 and both plugs are warm and chocolate brown. Carbs we also recently cleaned out.

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    Run it!! You wouldn't believe the shape of some of the pistons I've seen still running! Unless the rings are stuck to the ring land they should be OK.

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    That's what I am thinking. I do not mind doing further damage to the top end, I just do not want lower end damage by running it in the shape it's in.

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    You both forget the topend will fill the crankcase full of metal particles and could cause you to throw a rod but the minimum is it will need a crank if you keep going.

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