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    1998 Seadoo GTX limited exhaust pipe HELP

    Does anyone know how to remove the exhaust pipe from this 951 motor without pullling the motor? I can not get at the last bolt that is at 2 oclock on the exhaust manifold. It is the only one that is not a hex head bolt. I am assuming this was by design for ease of removal in a tight spot. I cant get it. It looks like removing the carbs might help but that looks like its own nightmare. Please any tips appreciated.

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    It is a nut on a stud. SD sells a special wrench for it that is a box end 15mm, thinner than normal, and bent with a hole for a 3/8 ratchet on the other end. This wrench, or one modified to emulate it, is the only way to get to that nut with the carbs on.

    Now, pulling the carbs is not as bad as it looks once the stock air box is out of the way. It is four allen head bolts (6mm allen key or socket fits it) and you can just unbolt the carbs and lay them down in the hull beside the engine, no need to take off any fuel lines or cables.

    If you take the seat bridge off and pull the front pipe mount bracket off you should be able to get the pipe out of there in one piece (the hard part is getting it out of the rubber coupler). This can save you a lot of time and trouble when you go to put it back on. Never break the clamp seal on a 947 pipe if you do not have to.

    I also suggest you put in new pipe mount bushings and go to and read the tech article about 947 pipe installation before putting it back on.

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    thre is a really great write up on 951 pipe removal on great actually that I'm pretty much trying to stay away from doing one unless there is a nice job attached to it. The 951 pipe looks like Canadian revenge for something done to them in the 1800's. The wrench is an absolute musthave from what it looks like. SBT selles em.

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and I know this is an old thread, but I got very easily to the nut that is on the stud under that exhaust pipe by removing the bracket that clips and holds on to the plastic stock air box. There are two Alan bolds to remove the bracket. Then you can get right on the exhaust nut with an open end wrench and it does not need to have the nut on the stud be completely removed, it only needs to become loose and the pipe slides up and off the stud. Having the stud there was a good idea as it helps to reinstall the pipe easier. Wish I could have helped earlier.

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    I have never used the special wrench. But I do drop carbs out of the way. You have to remove the airbox if still equipped anyway, with the mounting bolt on pipe. So backing out the four carb bolts isnt that big of a deal. The carbs drop to bottom of hull. Then any 15mm wrench will work.

    Makes it easy to tighten that lower bolt to ensure no leaks at gasket. But there is an art to aligning and orienting the pipe and manifold for everything to line up correctly, so it doesnt leak.

    What is somewhat of a PITA tho is removing the pipe as an assembly out of a GTX hull. Some will come out easy enough, while others will are just short of being able to remove without splitting or unbolting the front motor mount.

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    my comments from SEVEN years ago still apply.

    The 951 pipe is a sharp point until you've done a bunch of em. and even then.....

    I swore off doing them at the end of last season.

    any 951 you are tweeking around with, check the balance shaft oil if possible.

    explained in service manual

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