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    Removing salt water corrosion on aluminum?

    I just got a 701 from florida that I'm going to need to rebuild for my nephews superjet. When I went to take the head off I thought I was going to snap the bolts there was so much corrosion. Is there any way to chemically strip this build up off of the cooling passages with either a mild acid or base solution? I know muraic acid and aluminum are a no no. has any one tried any of those CLR products? Worse case scenario I will just try to scrape and wire brush it off but I'm a self-proclaimed lazy sob.

    Thanks Mike

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    I recently soaked a few parts in CLR overnight and it worked fine - even thought the label says not to use on aluminum.

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    I've always wondered this my self...

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    Used Zep toilet cleaner and deodorant on mine and it ate away quite a bit of corrosion (freshwater) - it has acid in it, but I think if the corrosion is bad enough, what do you have to lose?

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