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    Cleaning out the intake, sluggish acceleration

    2000 Genesis

    I seem to have gotten some seaweed-like material sucked into my intake this past weekend and I was able to pull it out from beneath and then eventually blow out the rest...but ever since then my speedometer hasn't worked...which leads be to believe the tube that measures that at the intake is do I get to that without removing the skid plate? In general, how is best to "flush" out your intake to impeller?

    Also, after that problem...I was low on fuel and parked it. I started it up about 20 minutes later to take back to dock and it took a couple of minutes to get the engine to pick up and go above 3k rpm without bogging down like the engine was flooding when i gave it gas....I had to baby the throttle up until it took a hold and the rpms would pick up and provide accelleration to get up to normal speed. This seems like a fuel issue to me and I plan to add some alcohol to the tank to evaporate any water in the tank that might have been at the bottom and check my fuel filter for water as well. Any other suggestions?

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    Easiest way to clear out the pitot inlet hole for the speedometer is to remove the clear tube from the back of the MFI display, and blow some water or air down the tube. It shouldn't take a huge amount of pressure to clear the clog. It any stuff has dried inside the little opening, you may need to let the water soften it up before it will flush out.

    Make sure the clear speedometer hose is properly attached to the little nipple under the drive shaft. If it falls off or becomes damaged/kinked, the speedometer will not work properly, and it can spray water into the hull when riding. Pitot water pressures can reach 50PSI while riding.

    If you still had some seaweed stuff stuck deep inside the jet pump, the impeller and stator blades will tend to cavitate or not flow properly. The engine revs up, but the forward thrust isn't all there. When you had this problem, did you have full RPM, just low thrust, or were the RPMs also low?

    If the seaweed was clogging the cooling water inlet screen (which is inside the jet pump exit nozzle, right side), then the engine can overheat.

    When it senses that the engine is too hot, the CDI will invoke the RPM limiter, and you will not have full RPM until the high temperature goes away.

    Make sure that cooling water inlet screen is not clogged. It is hard to see inside the nozzle, but you can use a small mirror. You can back flush (reverse flush) the cooling system, which will then force water through the inlet screen in the reverse flow direction.

    You should also make sure the thermostat housing is not clogged.

    Before you start taking the carbs apart, ride it again and check the RPM. If the revs are there on the water, the engine probably running as it should.

    I would not add alcohol to the fuel tank, especially if you have been using ethanol blended gasoline. If you have any water in the fuel tank, the tank must be drained and cleaned. Phase separated water+ethanol turns into goop, and must be cleaned out properly.

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