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    need some advice...

    i have a 02 virage,700cc,with one problem is,it seems like there is no fuel getting to the carb.i have put a rebuild kit on the carb,cleaned it real good when i had it apart.when you pour fuel in the carb,she fires right up.i even attached a fuel line with a funnel to the fuel inlet on the carb,gravity fed,but it would not run into the carb.i blew into the fuel tank and gas came through the fuel line when it was unattached to the carb.any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    check the pump pulse line,or a bad pump

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    Are you sure the fuel in and out hoses are not crossed?

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    Check your pop off, because if it isn't set right your needle valve is going to stay shut. Or your needle valve may be stuck. Not all that familiar with what comes in a rebuild kit for that carb, but would assume there were a few springs. Need to find the correct one and install it if you can.

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    thanks for the replies...i checked the fuel lines,they are not crossed,in the rebuild kit it comes with a new needle.the spring was exactly the same as the old one.not sure about the popoff pressure.i haven't changed any settings or anything.the pump is on the side of the carb.any way i can test that.can i buy just the pump?seem like there is not to much to the pump.i don't understand why when i fed fuel into the inlet port on the pump,it would not go into the carb.i made sure nothing was blocked on it. thanks

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    I'm assuming you checked the screens,behind the needle and seat.
    I don't think the pump will just flow through,when it gets a push /pull signal from the pulse hose,little flaps in the pump open and close. They do sell Keihin fuel pump rebuild kits,seperate from a carb kit.

    Make sure the pulse hose to the engine case is in good shape and clear.

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    i cleaned the screen behind the needle and seat.i took the fuel pump apart and put a new gasket in there.i saw the flappers you are talking about.they seemed to be in good condition. it looks like there isn't to much to the fuel pump.the pulse line was connected to the crankcase,it looked like it was in good condition.anything else i should check?

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