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Thread: RPM Limiter

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    RPM Limiter

    its on a Virage, 2 Stroke, Red Domestic, 700cc, Yr 2000

    Is the RPM limiter the grey wire in the electrical box? i unplugged it and the engine doesnt run at all. i would like to know so when i get it back in the water and if i still have the power loss problems i can eliminate the thermal switch from dropping the RPM when i put the engine under some load. I'm certain the fuel/carb side will not give me any issues at all now.

    I don't know if this has any effect on it but im not sure if the Service Bulletin PWC-00-05 has been done on the CDI power wire too, how can i tell? the bulletin boggled my mind maybe posting a picture of whats in front of me will be easier? i will look at the wiring diagram and see if it makes anymore sense.

    many thanks

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    They gray wire you unplugged is not for the RPM Limiter, it is for the Hall Effect sensor, and must be connected.

    There is no RPM limiter on the Virage for Low fuel, Low oil, Reverse or overheat.

    Are you seeing any warnings or red lamp on the MFI display?

    Have you checked the cylinder compression?

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    no warnings now and i cant recall any previously, cylinder compression is 150PSI in each, and it's ok, i just wanted to know as a "what if" for when i take it back on the water after the work i've done on trying to sort the previous loss of power.

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