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    new to me 96 Sltx 1050 issues

    I've been lurking for a month and couldn't search my way out of this problem. I just got this about a month ago. Came with rebuilt top end, new crank seals, after market spark arrestor, after market water box, 40mm carbs from a 98, new fuel lines, switched to premix (I've been going 32:1). Also the heads are supposedly "slightly" shaved.

    Problem is I can take it out and it runs like a raped ape for about 3 minutes then it falls flat on its face. It will idle all day just fine. Just won't plane out or go above 3400-3500 rpm after a few minutes. When I got it it ran fine but did have a bog in the middle. I am guessing due to the ridiculously large jets the previous owner threw in so it wouldn't blow up due to being too lean. It came with 148-148-142 in the mains, 82-82-80 in the mids and 60s in the pilots. Obviously he just threw what he had at home in it. I left the mains alone, put 50s (smallest I could find) in the mids (stock are 35s), and 70s in the pilots (stock 65). I put about 5 hours on it with the jets that way and it was decent except for the mid bog. I ran some seafoam through it, religiously checked and dumped water separator (just found junk in it once), and now for about the last week it is falling on it's face. It first did this after I ran it hard for about 2 hours. I was on my way back to the dock and it took a dump.

    Piston wash tells me its rich on all 3. I didn't pull the heads but have a bore light and I have no real carbon build up at all on the pistons. Could my new problem be all jetting related. I just don't know why it suddenly would run fine for 3 minutes then take a dump after running decent for a month. If I go back to the dock, pull the plugs or let it cool down I can go back out for a few minutes before it does it again. I plan on pulling it out some evening this week and would like to have a game plan. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    The fist thing that comes to mind is the fuel tank vent,could you loosen the gas cap ,will it run better. Be careful not to get water into the tank.

    Secong thought ,is there any warning on the MFD ?
    Possibly disconnect the temp sensor on the exhaust manifold when it acts up.
    Do not run it along time with no temp sensor,if it is running hot you will damage the engine.

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    I thought fuel tank vent myself and opened it with no change. MFD shows fuel and oil warnings and has since I got it due to being switched to premix and I'm guessing a faulty float. When I pull it out I want to throw a resistor in the oil sender and check out the fuel float. I don't think it's in limp mode due to where it is supposed to limit rpm at 4000. Unless it is going into limp mode and since I have a mid bog It won't go over the 3400-3500 just because of a fueling issue. As far as a temp sensor goes this ski doesn't have one. I read on here that some rolled out without them and I am one of them. I can lay my hand on the cylinders all day when it is running and it is never hot enough to get uncomfortable.

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    I would eliminate the warnings first,zip tie the oil sender float,you could just connect the fuel sender wires together. See how it runs.

    Is the fuel selector leaking air into the fuel lines,leak check it or bypass it for a test.

    If the pistons are completely washed clean,it is way too rich,I can't see this just popping up,unless the carbs were dirty and now you cleaned them out.65 lows should be plenty ,50 mid should be OK (mine will stumble cold with 50's,fine when warm) 142-142-138pto should be rich enough,unless you have an air leak.

    3500 rpm sounds about the time it starts to get all the gas flowing into the carbs

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    I have the computer thinking it is full of fuel and oil, no difference other than the dummy lights went out. Also bypassed the fuel valve and no difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tediesel View Post
    ...If I go back to the dock, pull the plugs or let it cool down I can go back out for a few minutes before it does it again...
    The problem may be on the ignition side.

    Does it have the original CDI part number, or the Ignition System Update Kit?
    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    The CDI or the stator could be failing when it gets hot.

    Correct spark plugs installed?

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    I talked to the guy I got it from. He replaced the cdi and thinks it was the updated version. Also the stator was new right before I got it.

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