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    Help with automatic airsoft rifles

    My son wants an automatic airsoft rifle for his birthday, and I have no clue where to start. I would like to get him a M4 with scope, laser, flashlight and 3 point harness.
    Where should I look and what type of rifle should I pick up?
    I would like to stay under $100 if possible.
    I own the real AR15, AK47, 9mm and .45 but have no clue where to start with airsoft.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    my roommate and i both got airsoft pistols.....they'll actually make holes in drywall... and when you hear "shoot out the lights" it'll do it....also made a chicks nipple be careful...i had to do alot of spackling before i moved out of that apartment...

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    Both of my kids are really into airsoft. They buy most of their stuff from
    We had one gun that we received that was junk and airsplat replaced it with no issues at all.

    One word of advise...Use the white "biodegradable" pellets....My yard is littered with yellow non-bio pellets...

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    So my son got into this a while back and had a couple entry-level guns he saved his money and purchased. I took him to a local shop yesterday that deals in a lot of these and I picked him up a nice electric M4 variant complete with Picatinny rail. I am amazed at these guns--I have a Colt M4 and his gun is identical for the most part including weight. Inside the house his new gun sounds just like an M16 when it's shot outside in full-auto. Will leave a good welt too. He was shooting the .20 gram pellets and they go right through an aluminum can--can't imagine what the .28's would do.

    Very cool hobby and a perfect time to work with the kids on proper gun safety. I feel kids will find guns so this is a perfect time to teach them some safety fundamentals.

    This is an old thread and I'd be interested in what people are using these days.

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    Holy cow 500 for a plastic toy gun? Seems crazy

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    They are not plastic at the $500 level. They are full metal bodies just like a real firearm. Most would not know airsoft from a real one if they held both.

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