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    Starter turns for a couple of revs, thens disengages

    I have a 2000 GS 718 CC. When the engine is hot the starter will not stay engaged long enough to restart the engine. It will turn a couple of revs then turns off. The Ski is not overheating and runs great. If it sits for half an hour or so it fires up.

    it has a new battery and is fully charged, cables are good.????

    What could be causing this please?

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    What do you mean it wont stay engaged? Does it just stop turning all together or does it turn and then just click? How many hours on the ski?

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    it turns over a couple of times then just turns off, it doesn't click like a low battery condition.

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    Do you hear it making a winding sound after it stops?

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    I had same problem. My starter would crank for a few seconds then just spin out.
    Thought it was the starter that was gone or something. Wasnt a low battery.
    I took the starter out, bench tested it it was mint. I then put my hand in the hole and checked the flywheel, not so much the case. Teeth were stripped. so when it would get to that point it would just spin off.

    I believe my problem started from a faulty crank seal.
    Seal was gone, sucking in air and not making a good vacuum for the line running the fuel pump. so basically without fuel it wouldnt start, and was getting cranked over tons and somehow tore up the flywheel.
    Start by pulling ur starter and putting 12v to it on a bench and see how it turns. inspect the teeth. checking the flywheel after for missing teeth etc.
    If you pull the flywheel cover and you find oil inside you know your seal is gone on the crank.

    good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryan428 View Post
    Do you hear it making a winding sound after it stops?

    Yep, it is still powered and spinning, but the bendix is not keeping it engaged. I replaced the starter today, that was a blast. Seems to crank fine now. I did check the flywheel, it looked good.

    Have to see when I get it out on the lake.

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