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    96 1050, engine running bad after towing tube

    I have a 96 1050, that has ran very well until we tried to tube with it.
    We were a little heavy on the people between the 3 of us about 700 lbs.

    What I am seeing is the ski will seem like it's under a load & not rev up.
    you can hold it at about 4300 rpm & it will just drop to 2500 rpm for awhile
    then jump back to 4300 rpm.
    I then hold it wide open & get 6350 rpm & will hold there for awhile & just
    drop to 5000 rpm & jump back & forth. It's almost like someone is turning
    a cylinder on & off at random.

    We did have some weeds get in the intake but quickly went shore & removed them. I have installed new plugs, the carbs where cleaned last year, the center cylinder seams warmer than the outer ones, we have no warning lights
    on or buzzers, the dash gauges are working fine.

    Any help would great, the ski is at our cabin & the kids will be looking to ride it this weekend.

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    Click below for the Polaris service manual, and other useful info.

    Make sure the cooling system is not clogged up. Reverse flush the engine if you can. Check inside the thermostat housing for debris. Check the intake mesh screen for the cooling system which is inside the jet pump nozzle, on the right side.

    The parts manuals, listings and parts diagrams are all linked from the web pages below.

    Also have a look at this;
    Polaris Domestic (red) engine

    Be careful. These PWC 2-stroke engines do NOT like to be pushed when they are not running properly. If the problem is weak fuel delivery, a lean condition can burn down one or more pistons in minutes or less.

    If you still have the original gray Tempo fuel hoses, now would be the time to replace them, then pull the carbs off and clean them too.

    A clogged carb is fairly common. it may seem like a hassle to do the carb work, but it is way less work than rebuilding a burned out engine top end, and then cleaning the carbs.

    These engines also do not like to be over loaded. When towing a heavy weight, the engine is turning at lower RPM that it normally would for that amount of power output, which causes more heat inside the cylinders. This excess heat can damage the pistons.

    If you want to tow with less risk of engine damage, a different (lower) impeller pitch will allow the engine to rev more freely, and adjusting the carbs to deliver more fuel flow at mid-range and higher would also improve engine internal temperatures.

    Check the cylinder compression. Throttle help open, all spark plugs out. Compression numbers should be within 10% across all three cylinders. Exact PSI number is less important than the numbers being consistent, but compression readings below 120PSI are suspect. If you get low or inconsistent readings, try another gauge.

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    Start with a compression test,if OK put a new set of spark plugs in it,this is the most common reason for a cyl turning on and off.

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    Thanks for the quick reply's, I installed new plugs after first sign of trouble
    all 3 looked good light gray & dry.

    I really think I need to back flush it & clean the screens because at one point
    the speedo quit working.

    I have it at our cabin at Houghton Lake in northern MI. & will not be up there
    again until Aug. 1st, I'm going to check it out then.

    I also have a SL 750 that runs real good any tips in keeping it that way would
    be cool.

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    Grey and dry isn't good. Grey usually means aluminum is sticking to the electrode. Brown is good, black is lean, and grey is trouble.

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    The electrode was grayish, the ceramic bellow was brownish, the plugs where
    very good coloration, just bad description. thanks!

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    I thought I would post a update, I've messed with this thing for couple of

    What I have found is the cylinder closest to the steering area has a blown
    head o-ring, it also poped the head bolt heads off at the area that the o-ring was blown.

    All three cylinders looks very good, so I'm going to be looking for a head
    & some head bolts & a upper o-ring kit ASAP!

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Well another update, I have the cylinders heads reinstalled with new o-rings
    new spark plugs. I check cylinder compresion all 3 cylinders are at 125 psi.

    I start it up on the trailer & it fires right up, let it run for about 5 to 10 sec.

    Take it to the lake & unload it off the trailer, fire it up idles fine go to take
    off & it bogs I pump the throttle & I can hardly get it to plane out.

    It will run but only about 5200 rpm max & stalls, it will start right up
    but just sounds like its under a heavy load.

    The carbs. do not have the gray hose but I'm wondering if they could be
    the problem.

    What do you guy's think.

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    check the filters in the carb's

    they may be plugging up

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