Okay, So I have a 94 kawasaki 750xi, I have the coffman rocket exhaust on it(got the exhaust brand new in box) put it on last summer no problems really, hooked the water lines up wrong first time flooded the ski , but got that fixed and all seemed to be doing well, but when i took them out this year, I noticed the 2x1/2 to 2 1/2 coupler from the header pipe to the main stinger was like melted away.

The coupler was still there but liek the guts melted away, So i did not think much of it so i ordered another coupler, put it on seemed to be doing fine, looked at it looked good when first was riding around figured i was fine, By the end of the day same thing just burnt it to crisp and put a hole in it, causing the ski to die and have to be towed back to the dock lol.

So my question is what will cause this coupler to keep burning up, I called coffman like twice but they have not picked up think they are on vaction or something there.

Ill take some pics if that will help tomorrow also.

And hella not been on since last summer i think, been pretty busy with work and trying to get the skis back toghter and going good. also be getting a prop for the Yamaha