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    Correct way to pull 1999 1200xl motor

    Im working on removing the motor from a 1999 1200xl. I have it completely detached and I can slide it away from the drive shaft coupler. My ski still lies on a double trailer. Do you guys rent an engine hoist and use to pull the engine or is it actually possible to reach inside the hull and pull the engine just by grabbing it?

    Also, if using a hoist where do you attach it? The only thing I see to use is attach the hoist clamps to the two metal brackets that screw into cylinder 2 and 3 on the head. Is this the correct location?


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    There is a "How to" pdf that deals with pulling a 1200pv motor in here.


    I lifted mine out.

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    I wrapped 2 tie down straps under the engine, straddled the engine bay and pulled it out by hand. Have someone there to help you if you need to tilt the engine to get it out of the openeing. I got a hoist to put it back in though. Just clip the straps (wrapped around the engine) to the engine hoist clip and lower it in.

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    I found the docuemnt describing how to pull the engine.. it's nice up but doesnt explain how to pull it when all the bolts are loose.. I'll look at using the tie down strap method. Better make sure to take my vitamin that morning!

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