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    dropping an engine

    Hi there, Just joined!

    picked up a free '96 slt 700 off craigslist over the weekend. Has no motor/ jet drive. just hull, exhaust, tanks, and piping. Just curious if its worth it to drop an engine in it or where to find one. That and I've never worked on jet skis so some manuals/digrams would help. thanks everyone!

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    Click below for the manuals and other good info!

    You will need to figure out what 'little bits' are also missing from your hull.

    Is the electrical system all there, including the CDI module and LR module inside the electrical box?

    Is any of the engine stuff still in there?
    Engine bed plates, carburetors, exhaust manifold, etc?

    Is any part of the jet pump still there?

    What is your budget for this project?

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    I just uploaded some pics to flikr[email protected]/

    It doesn't appear to have any electricals As far as cost I was hoping to keep it around 1k. much more than that and i'd prolly just buy a running one. Just trying to see if its a pipe drema

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    you should find a running ski for a grand pretty easily,or try to find another sl or slt for parts.good luck

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    find a ski with a bad hull and then do a full swap

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