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    Flushing the IC...?

    I've read of a few people flushing their intercoolers for whatever reason. Is this the aftermarket intercooler or the stock one? Can the stock one be flushed, or its better left alone if nothing has happened?

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    I havent heard of anyone having to flush a stock IC yet but who knows. I know that there is a ton of grass in my area right now so if you were gonna hear about it it would be soon. I had the Riva IC on for 3 months with no problem. Now I had to flush it after only 2 days......

    Strainer is on te way.....

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    The stock IC gets flushed when you hook-up the hose to flush the exhaust, as does the Riva IC.

    But sometimes repeated clogging from grass will clog the aftermarket IC`s, then you should back flush at the hose connections directly on IC...PR...

    I know it happened to me

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