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    1994 sl750 mfd stop working

    I have 1994 polaris sl750 which I have owned for 2 years. I had to replace the multi function display 3 times.(round unit). The displays will work then they just stop. I check the fuse in the box and the fuse is blown as soon as I replace the fuse it blows again. I disconnect the mfd and the fuse is good.
    Is there some place that repairs these units?
    When the MFD is disconnected I can not adjust the trim this does not make sense the power that goes up thru the trim but must pass thru MFD?

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    You may have some other problem in the electrical system, which is blowing the MFD and messing up the Trim system.

    The MFD is connected to the Trim motor wires, but it is only supposed to watch the voltages, and should not affect the Trim when the MFD is unplugged. Trim normally only works when the engine and/or bilge pump is running.

    Start by checking all ground wiring and connections. I suspect you may have a poor ground connection somewhere.

    Remove and clean both ends of the negative battery cable, and the engine grounding bolt. Should measure zero ohms from battery negative cable to the cylinder head.

    All black wires and metal tabs inside the electrical box should also measure zero ohms back to the battery negative.

    Put your voltmeter on the battery posts, start the engine. Voltage should be 13.5 to 14.5 volts, and stay in that range as RPM rises. If you see more than 15 volts, the voltage regulator is not working properly.

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