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    Clogged exhaust ?

    This is actually a question about a 94 kawi 750ss/xi but the polaris guys seems to get more replies. The ski runs good for about 20min then it will only run at about 1/2 throttle any more than that it will bog out. One guy I talked to thought that maybe the exhaust system (probably the muffler) may be carboned up & when it it gets warmed up it is closing up the exhaust. Has anyone ever heard of this happening?

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    Fuel tank vent??

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    Yes and no. I've heard of it happening, but never to a jetski.... Mopeds and little kids dirtbikes have this happen a lot, they just don't get hot enough to burn the carbon out.

    But the symptoms aren't the same. They will act like they're severely restricted all the time, not time or temp related.

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    Collapsed fule line or blocked tank vent would be my guess. Possibly the stator is overheating

    The next time it bogs out, try and open the fuel filler cap and listen closely. If you hear a sucking sound when you remove the cap that would confirm you are creating a vacuum in the fuel tank. There's no way the fuel pump can delivery gas when pulling against a vacuum.


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