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    Service Bulletin

    I am trying to download the PDF of the service bulletin's and the link seems to be broken. (

    I am trying to remove the Auto Cock per service bulletin PWC-95-03, and can't find the actual Bulletin.

    If someone has the Bulletin and could post it, that would be awesome or if that link could be fixed.

    My ski won't rev over 5000 RPM but when you hit a big wave it goes up to like 6900?? Do you guys think that would be my problem, the ski has done this since 1996 when we got it new, it has had countless mechanics work endless hours trying to fix it.



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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    The bulletin isn't an instruction to follow. Just a notice.

    Hitting a big wave means the ski came out of the water or "unhooked". If you don't release the throttle, it will rev to the 6800 RPM limiter because there's no load on the engine.

    Can you see a part number on the impeller?

    Is the impeller or stator damaged at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wslm.boarder View Post
    I am trying to download the PDF of the service bulletin's and the link seems to be broken. (
    Link works for me.
    Just downloaded the PDF file - looks correct.

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