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    1994 Kawi 550 stand up

    It's my first time here in the Kawi srecation, I'm usually found in the seadoo area, so take it easy on me...

    So I've been bitten by the standup bug, and I have been looking at some on craigs list. I found a 1994 550 standup for $300. The thing is "in a box" and the owner reports that it would stall under a load. I think with the seadoo exp I have, I could figure out if everything is there. I also think I could beat him down to a lesser price as well. I know the risk of getting a project in a box, and I'm not opposed to getting one, but was wondering if this sounds like a deal or hassle. Anything special I should look for? I found that these are "well sought after" due to the improvements that were made in the early 90's. Thoughts are appreciated!

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    $300. sounds fair for a 94, if it goes south, you can part it out and make a good chunk of change selling individual parts on epay. Just a waterbox or electric box will bring 100-150.

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