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    Tunnel Presure questions GPRXP

    If you need to bleed the pump tunnel presure to avoid the GPR from bucking, what presure does it need to bleed off at and how bigger water line for the escaping water??

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    Many factors come into play but usually anything under 65PSI is OK. Depending on grate, prop and nozzle combos you may get away with more or less.

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    sorry for the newb question but how are you bleeding off pressure from the pump tunnel and what sort of valve is being used?
    I am building a yamaha mr-1 powered bass boat with jet drive. Will be making about 400hp with the turbo on low boost.
    Need advice and help with the pump inlet and design. Right now I have a fx hull section coming to take a mold of the pump tunnel. Is there anything that can be aproved upon for the pump inlet to help with high speeds. Speeds such as over 80.

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