ok so i got compression (155 psi per cylinder) and gas going into the carbs but i think the spark is too weak for it to run. I cleaned all the connections in the rear black electrical box, all the grounds everything and some were corroded pretty bad , that didnt help so then i took off the spark plug wires and cut off little by little until it was clean copper showing and then i took a q-tip and covered the end with steel wool and cleaned out all inside both spark plug boots , it still didnt get better. I tried charging the battery thinking it was to weak to make a good strong spark but it isnt much better. I know the battery is charged it turns over the motor really fast haha ..............so im thinking magneto? or mpem? idk i need some help the spark is very little maybe 1 / 10 the size of the electrode on the spark plug and u really have to be looking to see it