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Thread: New 1993 SL750

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    New 1993 SL750

    New memer here, and the new owner of a "free" 1993 Polaris SL750. She is on the way to NC from GA, the original owner gave up on her. No idea of a major problem, just that it stopped running some time ago. ???. The guy is no mechanic, for sure.

    I'm a tinkerer and have a good chance I'll be able to get her running. Hope it is something stupid. I found the site a minute ago and already found a manual. WOOHOO.

    Thanks, guys.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    What would you guys do with such a new toy?

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    Dumb questions...

    I assume this will be a 2-cycle engine? Is it pre-mix or does it have an oiler?

    I assume this is a simple carb? Did they have fuel injection back then?

    Do I treat it like an outboard motor?

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    Yup, 2stroke; carb, but no, not "simple" carb. Took me a year to wrap my head around these bizzare little carbs. Very clever design, though, will still work upside-down!

    Fuel injection was around, but aftermarket and very rare! Most likely yours still has oil injection, but it's good to convert to premix.

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    Welcome to the Hulk..

    Yes its a 2-stroke.
    Yes it came stock with oil injection.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    If you found the on-line manual, then you found all your answers.

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    I just got to looking at it today... It is pink. I guess that was the Miami Vice era.

    I plainly see one cylinder head is a different color than the other two. No paint left on it. I'm thinking something happened there.

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    She definitely has a blown head gasket under the suspicious head. Eroded, corroded, and burned in spots. The cylinder must have been ingesting water from the cylinder jacket. I don't know how long she could have run like that and how well she would have run.

    Otherwise, I don't see any signs of damage to the lower parts. The bore looks good as does the the rest that I can see. Maybe that was the problem?

    Do I get parts from Polaris or is there a distributor you guys like to work with?

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