Hello! I'm new to this forum so please bear with me! I have a 1993 SL 750 that ran like a champ until I blew a cylinder about a year ago. Since then I've installed a rebuilt '93 engine and have also rebuilt the carbs. It starts up just fine now! One slight problem, when water testing I discovered that the exhaust was cracked and corroded and the engine compartment filled with water...real bummer. I'm in too deep now and I can almost see the light so long as the exhaust is the final missing piece! I couldn't find a '93 exhaust, so I bought a '94 exhaust, manifold and water rail. The water cooling circulation is a little different from '93 to '94 but I didn't think this would be a big deal. After installing the '94 components and routing the tubes according to the '94 flow diagram I figured I was done. However, the ski still chokes out on water test and it seems the cylinders are getting water (dark oily fluid around plugs). The only good news is the exhaust doesn't leak anymore! Any suggestions? I guess the most important question would be is a '94 exhaust/manifold/water rail compatible in a '93 SL 750? If so, how? I hope I'm close because I really miss this ski. Thanks for considering.