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    Cleaning out oil filters/engine ??

    So I found some tiny metal chunks in my main oil filter.
    I've fogged/flooded the TB, injector holes, spark plugs holes and replace the main oil filter.

    I was also told to clean out/check the "other" oil filter next to where you put the oil in.

    Is that this one.

    Number 10

    Do I just take off the plate (number ?

    Anything else I can do to ensure the engine is ok from any metal/dust that might have entered.

    I think I've figured out what happened. I think my SC blew up after sucking in some blowby junk from my crankcase breather which I have hooked to my SC tubes. I'm replacing the hose with a filter top.

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    yep #10 remove the three bolts

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    id like to do that to my engine also since my supercharger washers went some time ago....(my dealer took off the front oil pan and recovered about70 percent of them) Ive ridden it for 10 hours since repair and nothing bad has happened. Should I cut the oil filter open when i do my next oil change to look for washer parts????? thanks

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    Here is a good break down on how to clean out the engine from Glen Perry (PPG)

    I still haven't gotten to the oil sieve but I hope I don't have to do anything with the 2nd pictures.

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