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    do i need catch can for freshwater?

    i am installing kanaflex and spectra.
    i see alot of talk about it.
    and have read alot,but a little confused.
    sorry for all newb questions.

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    I would guess that most people running a kanaflex set-up (or any other) are running a catch can of some sort Get your credit card back out

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    I'm pretty sure that people recommend a Catch-Can with any aftermarket air intake, regardless of the type of water.

    Now I just need to find a How-To for the install.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RX-Pike View Post
    I'm pretty sure that people recommend a Catch-Can with any aftermarket air intake, regardless of the type of water.

    Now I just need to find a How-To for the install.
    Check the stickies at the top of this forum. You can build one yourself in about 20 minutes for less than 20 bucks. No need to spend 100+ bucks for the same thing from riva.

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    For fresh water riding it is recommended to run a catch can..The crap that goes into the catch can does nothing but coat your Scer with crap...NOW if you were in salt water you would want that to help keep the salt from eating up your Scer and what not..Here is a link to building a homemade catch can, Good luck..

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    thanx alot for all the info.

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    It would also depend on the "sluge" output of your motor. My motor barely put out vapor. I've had it running into a section of unused oem front (which I left in place to maintain tension on the gas tank bungies) intake. Nothing....nothing so much as drips out. If it had I woulda taken care of it with a different set-up.

    Before I went to the rear air, the last time I cleaned my IC it had a slight film one it...that's it....after 150+ hrs.

    Up the boost....sure, catch can. Still aughta shoot the idling sc with some wd every once in a while...even on fresh water.

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    DO you spray the supercharger or the throttle body if you ride salt water with a catch can? I cant remove the hose to my throttle body cause I have an oetiker clamp and ii dont want to cut it and buy a new one.......any suggestions

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    I just shoot some wd into the intake a coupla feet from the sc. I got rid of my oetiker clamp....put on a worm drive.

    No long as you remember to tighten it back up after re-installing the sc which just had the washers replaced.

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