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    Convert XS IC to GEN2 IC

    I have been running a Fizzle XS IC kit for about 50h without problems, does the job, real improvement on top end, but it s a bit heavy (40 lbs), and I feel it s weighting on my holeshot & acceleration

    I am thinking to replace it with a Riva Gen2, the X-IC, much lighter
    However the complete Riva kit, with pipes, bracket, and BOV block-off is quite expensive
    Furthermore I like better the ss pipes (no BOV mount), silicon couplers, and T-clamps provided by Fizzle

    Can I buy the Gen2 IC unit only, and set it with the pipes & silicon couplers from the Fizzle kit?

    I am pretty sure both models fit 3" pipes, but the space between inlet and outlet seems different

    Anybody tried this already? thanks

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    PETRUS, the entire kit weighs 16 pounds. I wouldn't worry yourself over it. If you change intercoolers you'll save maybe 5 pounds.

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    There is no gain from change the iC

    The XS is perfect .....

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