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    Question speed wont go over 50MPH why...

    i really dont know if thats the way it is or if there is something wrong with my ski but for some reason or another my 2007 LX would not go over 50 -52 MPH. SO I WAS WONDERING IF THERE IS SOMETHING I NEED TO DO WITH IT... OR HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM?

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    I don't know if this is too obvious and you've already checked but make sure you're not set in "SLOW" mode (SlO). I have an stx 15f and you can set it between SLO and FPO (full power). The SLO mode is a feature used for beginners.

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    it has two keys

    it come with a SLOW KEY and a REGULAR KEY but i'm using the regular one i dont now if i have to do something else. or if the option is in the keys only ????????????

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    it could be Bad speedometer. Mine shows 57-59, but by gps 71

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    on the '07 ultra LX is that GPS or dreamometer or what...I thought mid fifties is what those ran...

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    my '07 Ultra LX goes 46-50mph i'm riding in the bays/ocean around long island. a little faster on a good day, thats about it buddy. I was upset about that too. Trading in for the '10 SHO this year, need a supercharger.

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