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    Mid-90's Jet Boat?

    I need some help buying a used boat. I'm looking at some mid-90's jet boats, the small 13-14 footers. I have heard that the seadoo jet boats break down a lot. Is that true? If I don't get a seadoo jet boat, I'll probably get a sea ray sea rayder. Any input would be very helpful!! Thanks

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    Smile Used Boat

    I just purchased a 1998 Sugar Sand Tango Jet Boat....16 feet/175 hp Merc Jet Pump. It's seating for 6 but can only fit 4 comfortably. Storage is quite limited. However, this boat is major FUN.........We ski, wakeboard, wakeskate and tube and it's the perfect boat for these activities. When we want to cruise, it's a blast at full throttle......I've been told it hits 45 to 55 comfortably(our speedo cable is broken). It's great for a small family or taking friends for a day at the lake. It's been recommended not to leave this boat in salt water. If you're looking at a smaller boat and plan to ski, etc. keep in mind the limitation in space and the comfort level of your passengers. At 16 feet, we are pressed for space with 4 people, but I didn't want the expense of a larger boat/engine. By the way, you should take a look at - geared toward the boating community. Good luck!
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