I took the 750 out today and she hooked up pretty good, although not as good as it should. Only hit about 4500rpm WOT. But it still ran good and consistent. I attributed this to the mildly rich settings I'm running on the carb do to breaking in one piston. I am also running a little extra oil in the gas. Well. I rode a couple minutes and shut it down. When I restarted and took off again it wouldn't get up over about 3000rpm and wouldn't plane out. Then after about 30 seconds it hooked up and went to running like it was at first. Then after about 30 seconds of riding it fell on it's face and almost died. I ran WOT all the way back at again 3000rpm+/-. I pulled the plugs. All three were still getting spark. The MAG was wet and kinda oily (running rich remember) the PTO was perfect. The center had some gas on it but looked unfired. I checked it, it was sparking...but it looked unfired. My only thought is a little trash in the fuel system and the Center carb is running lean cause of it (it's adjusted just a hair rich of factory spec)...also it still won't idle despite me setting the carbs at factory spec. I haven't had a light come on but if it overheats will the 95 shut down like that? What else might cause it?