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    warming up engine?????

    for an oil change how LONG do you run the engine to get it up to operating temperature ???? i read your not supposed to run engine on hose for more than 5 minutes??????????????so can the engine be warmed up with it being on only 2 or 3 minutes???? The manual also says to check your oil level must warm the engine up THEN turn on for 30 seconds......turn off wait 30 seconds AND LASTLY check the dipstick. I know this all sounds silly but I wish I knew how long to run the engine (from cold condition) before I checked oil level...........THANKS TO THOSE WHO CAN HELP THIS ISSUE

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    I've been running mine for the hose....then waiting 30sec to check my oil since I bought it new.

    Once on the water I've double checked the same way.....same result.

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    thanks man!

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    before doing an oil change you want to run it more than 30 seconds, 3-4-5 minutes on the hose will get it warm enough. I usually run mine about 3 minutes, let it sit for a few, then run it 3 more. I run it for 3 minutes on the hose to check the oil too, seems like the I've had incorrect oil level readings not warming it up first.

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