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    Fly your Supercharged 4-tech up to 50' in the air

    Well sort of:

    If you read through the article, it says it is powered by a 215 HP jetski motor........ Gotta be a SeaDoo 4-tec don't ya think?

    Jerry, I fully expect you to come up with the pieces/parts to do this and put them in your online store by the end of July!

    Get on it!

    This would bring a new element to the Mudbug nationals.

    Sample Press release:

    Jerry Gaddis does it again! At the 2010 MudBug Nationals, Mr. Gaddis showed off his latest gadget to the unbelieving crowd. Unbelieving, until the crowd watched Jerry fly by at over 120 mph, 100 feet off the water, on his water powered jetpack, that was towing the powerplant that allows Jerry to reach such incredible speeds...................

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    I remember reading that Glen at PPG helped out building this... Ron

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    50 feet, pffft....
    Now THIS is high flying....

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    but $130,000???? you could buy a (small) new house around here for that.

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