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    Factory glue removal w/ heat gun

    When trying to remove the bolts for the ride plate the retaining bolt were slipping.

    I was going to try to remove the factory glue with a heat gun. ANY TIPS??? CAUTIONS???? I cant crack the hull doing this can I???

    I will be sure to have it well vented with no gas fumes. Replace hull glue with 5200?????

    This is not gonna be fun!!!

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    I used a heat gun and a hand chisel. I got the glue nice and hot till it started to change color and then slid the chisel under and popped each piece off. In my case the boat was empty so I just jumped inside and went to town. No real fumes to speak of just REALLY HOT inside. However, please remember my hull was completely stripped so DON'T get stuck. Keep the heat away from the glue you want to stay attached. You can use aluminum foil to create a reflective barrier to keep the other glue cool.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks that is great information. I thought I was going to have to remove all of the glue!!! If I understand you correct I only have to remove what is closest to the bolt retainer...and heat until the color changes...

    My ski also has everyhing in it still too. It is gonna be a tight job anyways.

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    Damn that was not a lot of fun. I got enough glue removed to get a grip on the nut at the bottom of the retainer but still could not break the bolt!!!!! I eventualy had to heat the retainer and slowly back the nut out. I would love to have a woud with the guy that used a half bottole of lock tight on those bolts. Idiot....

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    question about retaining bolts

    I have an 01 yamaha xlt and one of the retaining bolts toward the back of the ride plate is spinning freely but not coming out. I think I am going to have to remove some of the exhaust pipe. Is the heat and chisel process applicable here as well? And when I put it all back together, is there some other type of nut/faster which is preferrable, and do I then seal w/ a marine epoxy? thanks michael snively

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