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    Should my exhaust pipe be this hot?

    Hey guys. I'm sorry that a troubleshooting post is my first here.... I just this week bought a used 1995 Yamaha FX-1 stand-up. It is mildly modified. The Factory Pipe exhaust (brand, not OEM) seems to be getting very hot. If I ride for a few minutes and then take the hood off, water will instantly boil on the main chamber of the pipe. Is that normal? I originally noticed this because one of the water lines was resting on the pipe and has melted partially (but not all the way into the line). The head pipe and manifold don't seem to be as hot as the chamber. This ski sat a while before I rescued it.

    Any suggestions on things to check or is this normal? Thank you so much!

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    welcome to green hulk.

    i would suggest trying to figure out if the pipe is getting the correct amount of water. example- taking a few hoses off while it is running in the water on the trailer. it is obviously not getting its cooling source and that is water moving through that pipe. could be a clog somewhere or something was routed wrong during modification by a previous owner

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    welcome to the forum

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    Factory pipes require dual cooling if you ride hard. I've never had any luck running single cooling and heat soak. You need to open the allens up and allow more water to the pipe. It should lightly sizzle just prior to your coupler.


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    Thank you guys! Your help and the downloadable instructions on Factory Pipe's website allowed me to get it cooled down to the correct temperature. I pulled hoses and checked the water flow. Then I opened one of the water adjustment points a 1/4 turn and all is well! Thanks again!

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    the instructions on the Factory Pipe website are based for most top end power. The top screw on the manifold works best open approx 1/4 to 1/2 turn for bottom and mid power. is all Yamaha and Kawi guys and will give you tons of info just do a search on Factory pipe.

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    Rob, thanks for the help and heads up on x-h2o!

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