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    gp1200 bogs down at top speed

    hows everyone doing> I have a 2002 gp1200 with 250hrs. the only mods i have done to it are intake grate, pump seal kit, ride plate , nozzel. The problem Im having is when i get to top speed it bogs down. If I continue to try to get to top speed it starts pumping out white smoke. The smoke has a burning smell to it. I have taken of pipe to see if the converter broke up but everything seems fine. The carbs have never been rebuilt. I did notice that the pipe was really hot when i was running it.When I got it back home and flushed it with freash water it seemed to run fine and pipe cooled down. I took it out again and same problem happened. Not to sure if this makes a difference but my gauge display is cracked and screen does not read anything.Any ideas?

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    you might have some water entering through the head gasket and leaking into the cylinder.I would definately pull the head and check the gasket to see, it will tell you if there is water intrusion.hope this helps and let us know what you find.

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    Thanks . I will pull the head and check. If there is water leaking in what kind of damage will there be?

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    I pulled the head and no signs of water. everything seems to look good. any suggestions?

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    the converter def. needs replacing.Put a D-plate and chip bypass and try again.Check the compression one more time once you put the head back on.

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    What readings should i be looking for when i do the compression test. I'll do the d-plate and chip. Could it be the carbs at all? The ski has 250 hrs and they have never been rebuilt.

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