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    I finally got the yami out of my garage! The carb was nasty, rusty and crusty! How it didn't burn down a piston is beyond me. My buddies wife bought the thing a few wks ago, and it had a good bit of hesitation going from idle to wot. I replaced all the fuel lines and rebuilt the mikuni 44 carb. I also cleaned/ lubed the fuelcock.It was hard to turn. I also cleaned the fuel tank, as it had some nasty in it too. The unit has a riva aftermkt f/a and pipe. I found that the main jet had been upsized from a 135 to a 140. After recieving the parts from Zig, I found the high spd adjuster out 3.25 turns, and the low was out 2-3/4. If I had checked them before ordering the kit, I would have ordered a 145 and 150 main jet just to be sure I'd have what was needed to get it enough fuel. Anyhow I took a wild guess that the main wasn't big enough after finding the adjusters out as far as they were and used the next drill size to upsize the main jet. I think it worked out beautifully! I asked the yami 2smoke performance forum about the needed popoff pressure early this afternoon, but didn't get an answer, so I used the original spring and came up with 22 psi with the 2.0 n/s. I was thinking that may be too high, but after running it, I'd say it was a.o.k! She runs like a raped ape!!! Shes real snappy and excelerates without any problems. I took it for a test drive, and I'll say it's a bit much to handle. It's really tipsy, and balancing it to board it in deep water is tough! I don't really care for it that much as its handling leaves a bit to be desired. It needs sponsons to help it track straight and turn. It's one slippery ride! My Buddy really hates it! I told him to take it for a cruise and see the improvement, but he was kinda hesitant, but finally took it out. He's a tall guy and really has a time with balancing it. I was laughing mao watching him try to stay upright while going through the no wake zone. I was almost in tears!!! When he took off after the NWZ, she snapped right up on plane and he was off. She looked to be doing real good. He went around the Boulder Islands and was coming back in. Just before he got back to the NWZ, he fell off. I was thinking it may have died on him. He was about a 1/4 mile out still, and tried numorous times to board the ski but couldn't do it. He started swimming it to the ramp. I could see a few boats pulled near him and he waved them off. I was thinking...why won't he ask for help? Anyhow, after waiting a good while for him to backstroke the ski back to shore I yelled out "what happened? Did it die on ya?" He didn't say a word. I yelled " I'll go get the truck" and he was still silent. I backed the trailer in and he was waiting. Looked mad as the devil, and I asked again...Dude! What happened? Did it die on ya? "He said hell no, it ran great! It just got squirly on me when I let off the throttle and I ate it! And I couldn't get back on the damn thing!" I was doubled over in laughter again! He said he's never getting on that damn ski again.
    His boy will be taking it out over the weekend, and I'll check the wash next wk. I think it's a bit rich, but adjustable with the high spd needle.
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    Thats funny as hell, they say laughter is good for the soul .. Cya Slick

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