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    rocks wrecked pump support veins

    Garggled some rocks into the pump and chipped veins in pump support. Anyone know what this will do to the machine? I tested it and it got out to 70 MPH by machine speedo and doesn't seem to vibrate in the hull, bars or engine.

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    Those plastic "shark" fins in the pump support are a bit of a mystery. Some people have removed them because they damaged them and neither gained nor lost performance.

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    Hey MXL you just gave me some relief. I hate wrecking any machinery I own. Especially my new X boat. I'm concerned because I'm going on a long haul tommorrow. Like I said the boat still runs out to 70 on the speedo and doesn't vibrate anywhere so I think I'm good. When I'm ambitious I'll try grinding out the rest of those veins. Thanks for the help.

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    no prob. enjoy the ride!

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    Ride on bro! See you're in Jersey. Looks like east coast will finally get some good weather tommorrow. Me and my bud ride an annual trip to Martha's Vineyard and tommorrow should be the day. Hope to get out there again for the shark tournament if we haven't missed it.

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    If any of them are broken or missing take them out..All of them. Otherwise you will experiance cavitation.I know i sucked a rock last year and busted a few of mine.Just use a dremel and grind them all smooth.There is no performance lose by doing this either.You will not even know they are gone.Good luck

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    Thanks Snoman. I'm in a rush so I'll try knocking them down with a screwdriver.

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    +1 file them down

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    Thanks y'all. Just got done. Piece of steak. I don't like cake much. Heading out to the lake to test in a few. Thanks again.

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    Just recently damage those shark fins and filed the damage ones down. I immediately noticed a big difference. Coming out of the hole and a turn I am experiencing cavitation. Still gets up to 70 though. I am going to try grinding them all down and check the difference.

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