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Thread: Jetting Numbers

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    Jetting Numbers

    hello everyone,
    When you go up a number on a jet are you going richer or leaner. For example My stock slow jet is supposed to be a 32, but I noticed that there is a 38. Also my ski blew up recently and now the motors all new and I cannot seem to get it running correctly. I need help

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    Tell us more about your what kind and motor and any mods if there is any.

    a 100 jet is leaner than a 80.

    So bigger number means more fuel/richer.

    Reply with some info and we can help more with your problem.

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    Its a cdvkII carb for a zxi1100 with a fresh 1mm over bore and new crank

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    Ok ......Now whats the problem...??

    Does it start fine......idle ok...??

    Take off good from idle as ling as it's not loaded up from idleing to long...

    Mid range end...??

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    Thanks for the responce Johnny, any help will be greatly appreciated. I fried my cylinders on my initial run. I had it in the water 1hr-45 min. I have way more time and money, working on this thing than riding it. I was told it must have been to lean? Anyway the main is a 165 which they say it should be and the slow jet is a 38 which they say it should be a 32. I also popped the cover off the air screw and notice it to be 3/4 out. I gues thats ok because they say 1/4 to 1 out.

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    no it idles a little when you give it gas stalls

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    It starts fine after you prime it. I did rebuild the fuel pump yesterday and it did nothing

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    the answerr to your previous question is it does not get up and go at all. it will idle a little and when you pull the throttle it boggs out and stalls. If you pump the primer it will get up and go for a little bit.

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    I hate those Keihein carbs....junk. they work fine when there working.

    Anyway if it's only idling a little that air screw is for the idle adjustment.

    along with the idle screw screw. So for that it's possible it needs more air if it's to rich and bogs when you give it gas becaue of to much fuel.

    Or if the pump isnt working good which it should be because it's new and assuming you have it on right....

    Does the ski smoke alot.

    It could be loading up because the low speed jet is a 38 instead of the stock 32. Why would that be in there...??

    Does it run out ok if you get going like mid range or top end ...

    Does it smke alot....??? Are you running the right spark plugs to.

    Everything is good I assume to like compression since it was just rebuilt....

    Oil injection is all hooked up...

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    I dont know why the 38 is in there. I did the block off after I blew it up. it has fresh high octane and kawasaki premix 32:1. So you are saying to adjust the air screw? should it go in or out. the plugs are new and they are br9es. I was gonna run dow to the kawi dealer and see if they could match me up a new jet at a 32

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