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    WTB: 6 Cooling Rail Bolts/750 Cylinder Heads

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to buy a set of bolts (6) that hold down the cooling rail to the cylinder heads. I have a threading problem with my current set and am not sure if it is the bolts or the cylinder head threads so I'm just going to replace all of the above.

    If you have the bolts in good condition and a set of 3 new cylinder heads for a 750 (or either of the two) let me know and we can work something out.


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    i have good, freshwater heads here, 25.00 ea. + s&h i will throw in some bolts, with the heads if you want.

    send me an email if i can help. thanks.

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    It will most likely be the heads. They're aluminum, and the bolts are stainless steel.

    2 guesses on which one will fail first.

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