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    Question SL1050 intermittent starting issues

    Ok guys Iím back again. My SL-1050 is having intermittent starting issues. For the first start of the day itís very hard starting, choke, no choke it doesnít even sound like it wants to start. Here is some history of the ski, bought it new in 97 and have had no issues until last trip of the year in 08. It ran ok but didnít like low speed riding, I thought it just needed new plugs but I had left them at home, didnít think much of it. I brought the ski home changed plugs it fired right up and ran fine on the trailer, I then winterized it. At the start of the summer I go to de-winterize it and it wonít start. It had no spark, found the stator to be bad. I replaced the stator with the upgrade kit and with no gas tank installed the ski fired right up. I thought great, installed the gas tank and lines and the ski wonít start. Check a few things, fuel, spark and battery all seemed ok, crank it over starts and runs fine on the trailer.

    The next day the ski starts on the third try first thing in the morning, go back an hour later and no start. I had cleaned the fuel filter while waiting for the stator to arrive and went to check it again, loosen it up and fuel is pouring everywhere, gas tank has a ton of pressure. I check the manual online here and find there is a check valve, remove it and it seems to be stuck closed, hit with compressed air and it opens, I leave it off the ski. All day yesterday I periodically start the ski throughout the day, starts right up, no choke or gas needed and it runs fine for 10-15 seconds before I shut it off.

    Today I go to start it and no start again. Go through checking things, pulled the fuel line and the rear crab, not much gas there, pulled the fuel selector switch, no clogs, re-installed the check valve thinking the fuel system might need some pressure, still no start. The fuel system has regular fuel lines installed on all metal fittings and I didnít see of the gray lines turning color. I changed the spark plug gap to .024, had read somewhere that might help hard starting, no start. Battery is weak now down to 10.6 volts, change battery back up to 11.0+. Check plug wires, check fittings on fuel lines, fuel filter for fuel, pull fuel check valve off, no start. I then was done with it, put the check valve on, cleaned up some then try one more time. I put the choke on full and gas on full throttle and crank, I see fuel through the choke hole and stop cranking. Open the choke, try again and it starts, run it for 10 seconds and stop it. Hook water up to it and start it, turn on water and ran the ski for a minute or so, idles at 1100 RPM, revs to 6k RPM and seems fine. I shut it off, cleaned up, went to try it again and no start.

    Itís driving me crazy, and ideas or help is much appreciated. My mind is numb from reading posts and the manual.

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    Just noticed this post.

    Where are you with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Just noticed this post.

    Where are you with this?
    I took the ski to the lake on thursday, hard starting the first time, put it in the water and it started fine and ran great. Rode for 20 mins and stopped for a few. Didn't want to start but after the 4th try it did. Rode back to camp stayed there for 45 mins, then back out, it wouldn't start, smelled flooded when cranking, turned the gas cap a couple of turns and lots of pressure in the tank, removed the check valve in the fuel system the ski started and did so the rest of the day with no issues. So at this point I guess the pressure in the fuel system my be my issue, I have it bypassed now and it seems ok. Will check with dealer about a new valve.

    Another trip in a week and I hope the ski continues to do well. Seems to have the best spark ever after the stator replacement so atleast that is ok now.

    Thanks for checking.....

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