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    1997 Seadoo challenger only moving 15mph

    Im looking at a 1997 seadoo challenger for sale with the single 110hp 787 engine , they are asking $2400 , the guy just replaced the impeller and shaft. He says it runs but it will only do about 15mph, he says it needs carb work and a valve cover gasket. It also needs a new fuse block that powers the lights , bilge and blower. I have no idea why it would only reach 15mph? low compression??? The boat seems to be in very good cosmetic shape. Im just wondering if it would be worth it to buy it or will it be a headache of problems.

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    Unless your a die hard mechanic I would steer clear of any known problematic boats. You just never know what the actual issue might be. Sometimes there's an underlying problem that may cost more than you bargained for. Plus $2400 seems steep for a boat with major mechanical issues.

    On the other hand because it is an older boat you could just swap the engine for a newer one and enjoy the benefits of having a good engine!

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    if the guy thinks a 787 needs a valve cover gasket then maybe he thought the wear ring was just packing material and didn't bother to replace it.

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