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    I have a basically stock 03 gtx-sc that thanks to skoepp here selling me a rxp cpu and fuel pressure regualtor finally runs pretty good. rebuilt everything till skoepp fixed the motor for me. added more than 5mph. now to the question. I have a wedge coming from here and opas blockers also. someone said sponsons would help it turn better. any suggestions? sometimes I carry 2 5 gallon gas cans on rear for 50 mile more range to match my honda turbo and it seems to turn better with the weight on the back. normal is single up either 160 pounds or 260 pounds. it now goes mid 60's or slightly more which is actually fine for me. repitched prop by impro's, jerry rebuilt the s/c, and the pump is a metal 04. bob

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    I like Riva's, but the stockers are not bad, for stockers. To me without the work of droppin the stock ones Rivas seem to allow me to get away with turning hard faster, and are more predictable.

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