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    2001 yamaha xlt 1200 mixture adjustment

    Just bought a nice used 2001 Waverunner two months ago. Took it to the shop to get it checked out and told them I was going to be at 1000 ft elevation using it for a week. They adjusted the air/fuel mixture for low elevation. I am now back in Denver (mile high), and I cannot seem to find the air/fuel mixture screw. It can't be that hard... can it? Any help would be appreciated on locating the correct screw.


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    if ski was adj and now runs rich high speed should be turned in
    3000-4500 high speed in 1/4
    4500-6000 3/8
    also in ski is from sea level prop is wrong

    later cd

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    thanks for the info on how far to turn the screws in, but can you tell me where the screws are at? And does the exhaust really have to be removed to adjust these screws?

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    BUD STEP AWAY FROM THE SKI,ya Iittle to much,yes to get to adj screw many time you might have to remove tail section of pipe-question is ski running poor? if running fine for your world -don't play with it!


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    not running well

    since i came back to denver's elevation, it bogs down really bad and sputters getting out of the hole. I doubt I could even pull a skiier or wakeboarder up because it bogs so bad. Is there an aftermarket quick adjustment I could add to this to alleviate having to remove the exhaust?

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