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    97 xp backfires thru the carbs

    The ski runs but it backfires thru the carbs. I had it on the water it ran at low rpm and high rpm. but would studder at mid rpms. The compression is 150psi on both cylinders. The ski would do 50 mph but would take time to get there. I messed with the mixture screws on the carbs and it got worse. Now when I get it wrapping it backfires then dies. After this happens its very hard to restart. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Your rotary valve timing is off.

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    how do i do that? what would cause it to be off?

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    it could be your internal fuel filters clogged in your carbs, mine did the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jared427 View Post
    how do i do that? what would cause it to be off?
    have you had the motor apart recently? have you changed out the fuel lines and cleaned your selector valve?

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    i havnt had the motor apart at all. I did change the fuel lines and pulled the carbs apart. I bought the ski as a runner but I newer had a chance to put it in the water before I purchased it.

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    Have you pulled you red valves and checked those???
    A backfire through the carbs sometimes is an indication that your reeds are either worn and not sealing or the metal (or plastic) has fatigued to a point where they don't seal as they should.
    Just another suggestion.
    Good luck!

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