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    Riva gas Power Valve Question 2001 gpr 1200

    how come when i turned in my red caps on PV's the idle raised. and i had to turn it down(the idle). The ski was warmed up so it didnt change because of that. It was being ran off the hose though.

    The guy i got the ski from (just last week) says they were for a Seadoo 951 and he couldnt get it to rev as high so he put 701 springs in place and it seem to do the trick. The ski hits 63 mph when i took it out last. (speedo not GPS).

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    have a read of the gas valve manual located in the How To section, it will explain what adjusting the caps is for in detail.

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    i must be tired....i cant find it.

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    Turning the red caps in or out should not effect idle at all. The caps are to manually adjust when the gas valves open/close.

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