First, im new around here and have enjoyed reading a great deal before even registering.

Secondly, I owned two Yamaha Wave Raiders back around 2000 and loved Yamaha. Never had a single problem with either of them and as far as i am concerned Yamaha makes the best PWC on the water.

After tons of research on the many different types of PWC (Which have come a LONG way since my 1999 Wave Raider 1100) I have decided that I would really like to buy a couple of FZRs.

My main question is if anyone knows of a place in the southeast that is known for the best prices. The local guys here in Alabama (Big Number 1 Yamaha) cant do any better than $26,000 for a pair of FZS boats and a double trailer but I cant help to think that someone could make me a much better offer on these, especially with me going after two of them.

Any input that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time Ill keep reading