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    RE Block-Off Install Q

    I've been looking at a pile of parts I've been too busy to install. (Finals week/Summer semester) and decided to at least take a look the RE's and the fitment since I heard that some of them had fitting issues, mostly an outcome of variations in Hulls/Molds.

    I pulled off the other BO's and cleaned up the sealant from the fiberglass surface and bolted them on just to see how they would match up around the edges.
    (no sealant yet)

    They look really good around the side leading edges and curve but when I looked at the lower trailing edge adjacent to the RPlate it seemed to be on a slight upward slope.

    Both sides are the same.

    I am guessing this "slope" is by design to compensate for the slight upward trim angle of the Hull when the ski is at speed.

    I tried to use the "play" between the mounting bolts and the size of the holes to move them slightly, but when I compensated for the slope angle, all the other interface edges were way off.

    Are these RE BO's are supposed to have this trailing edge upward "Slope" when installed correctly, no instructions came with them ?

    Otherwise, they are a very nice piece of metal Fab.

    I sure hope they cure my ski's relentless Porpoising problem at +70 speeds.

    Let me know how yours fit and any other install Tips. I already read the write up on it, nice piece of work.

    Thank you,


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    Nobody knows what that slope is ?

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    ..... anyone ?

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    Mine should be in by the end of the week. I'll let you know how they look.

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    I already installed them....

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    David, I just saw this, but, the difference between the angle of the RE and the downward slope of the RXP hull is normal. In fact, most will agree it should be left alone and not altered. Here is a pic of how they should remain (my hull was upside down at the time):
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