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    2002 virage wont start Please help

    I was running fine across the lake and the engine just stopped. I then ran the battery down after repeated starting tries. I finally got someone to pull us in after about 3 hours. I pulled carb off and found a screw out on the needle valve side of carb. replaced the screw and was able to get gas flow again. I charged the battery and i have good voltage and cranking speed. I pulled plugs out left connected to the wire grounded the plug but dont appear to have spark. but the manual says you may not get spark when plug is not in cylinder. The reset button on the side of coil box is in the in position and is white. Is ther any other fuses or circuit breakers I need to check? what are your suggestions.

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    1st suggestion is to use jumper cables from your vehicle battery (not running - do not start it) to your skis battery, and check for spark. Make sure the plug is grounded well. Just laying on the engine may not be good enough.

    What screw came out? Low speed adjustment screw?

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