Here is what happened>
I just came from tuning my RXP Turbo after changing the stock pump to a an old walbro I had GSS 315 255 low presure.

Tuning was going perfect at 18 pounds of boost and an a/r of 11.1. (on the rich side)

Now the check engine light came on with a p0544 code which is the exhaust temp sensor< but we do not have that connected anywhere only to the harness. I took the key off and code cleared>

Now since the a/r was so rich I wanted to up the boost to 22 # to compesate for the a/r with the posibility of raising the regulator preasure. Currently is at 58# at the 19 psi of boost.

I did and the a/r went to 13.0-13.5. The weird thing is that i brought the boost down to 15psi and is still at 13-13.5.

Now four thing might have happened:

1. Since the pump was old, it took a shit. The vacuum hose is connected.
2. The code 0544 might have something with this????
3. O2 sensor took a shit, but I doubt it since it was after the 11.1a/r pass back to back, and the engine is hesitating just cruisingsince goes up to 13.5-14 a/r
4. Injectors. I doubt it since I preasure tested them to 80 and no problem

This is what I have for fuel.
Rotax Racing ecu with rude controller and 60# injectors.
Walbro gss 315 pump (Old)
Rude regulator

What do you guys think.