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    Grease/Lube Points on 98 GP1200

    I have 98 GP1200 that my brother in law gave me as it was wrecked in auto accident and the impeller housing was damaged and other misc. issues.

    I have re-worked it and have it running fairly well. I would like to make sure I am not overlooking anything as far as greasing bearings etc.

    I know there are 2 zerks mounted under the seat near the front and rear carbs that I assume grease the crank bearings?

    Is there anything else that needs grease or oil (other than 2 stroke oil...doh)

    Thanks Fairway

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    Front grease fiting is for the starter bendix.
    Rear fiting is for the intermediate shaft .

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    Thanks for the reply. Are there any other lube points or zerks?

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    Just spray WD40 on your pump nozzle piviot points and the ends of your trim and steering cables. places like that.

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