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    Seadoo 800 parts for sale

    Seadoo cases--1 good shape,1 has some rust. no cracks/holes.
    stator covers x3
    flywheels x3
    stock intake grate
    exhaust manifolds
    Duck bill drains
    Beach House sponsons (x4 hull)
    Skat trak impellers
    Complete grey box with key
    motor mounts
    [email protected] block off plate
    Open to any and all offers

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    I need the wiring harness from inside the rear electrical box, the harness is for the coil, starter solenoid and a few fuse holders. Thanks, Sam.

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    what impellers do you have? and what are you looking to get for it/them?

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    Still have the Skt Trak's? let me know, Joey

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    What is the price for stator and R&D block off?

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    Still have the duck bill drains?

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